If you are a 'Furniture Maker', 'Joinery Manufacturer' or 'Kitchen Manufacturer' who requires a high standard of spray painting or polishing you need look no further. Or, if you are a home owner that requires doors or furniture refinishing, you also need look no further.

We provide unrivalled finishing services and cater for the above sectors and more. From the application of acid cat's, polyurethanes, oils and waterborne finishes we will provide you with the best service for your money.

With Over 25 years of experience, we have vast knowledge on products and application, and provide a high quality service within sensible time scales.

If you require assistance or advice on how to achieve a certain look, please get in touch and we will be happy to help, or even produce samples to pass on to your clients.

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Furniture Makers

As a finishing company we believe in the importance of attention to detail, and the importance of using the right product to emphasise the piece. Only too often we see a beautifully made piece of furniture with a sub- standard finish on it.

Having spent hours of painstaking work, I am sure the last thing a maker wants to do his hand his hard work over to an unappreciative finisher, for him to chuck two poorly atomised coats of two day old lacquer on it.

At 'Total Wood Finishing' we welcome high class work and are happy to work with the maker to achieve a finish that will magnify the wood and enhance the craftsmanship of the piece.

Typical Finishes

  • Matt polyurethane lacquer and pigmented Lacquer (off gun)
  • Satin polyurethane lacquer and pigmented Lacquer (off gun)
  • High gloss polyurethane lacquer (off gun and fully burnished)
  • Trizacted lacquered finishes
  • Dulled and steel wool and waxed finishes
  • Waterborne lacquered finishes
  • Acrylic lacquered finishes
  • Special UV stable lacquered finishes
  • Acid Cat lacquered finishes (all sheens)
  • Staining and colouring

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We provide kitchen companies with a bespoke paint finishing service.

Extensive colours and finishes available.

Typical finishes

  • Matt, satin and gloss acid cat
  • Matt, satin and gloss polyurethane
  • High gloss wet look (burnished)
  • Textured paint
  • Rub through and distressing
  • Staining and tinted lacquers
  • Colour matching
  • Non yellowing acrylic
  • Specialist coatings

It is important that the right finish and substrate is chosen for the right job, to achieve full potential of the wood chosen.


'Total Wood Finishing' provides an unrivalled re-finishing service. We offer high quality stripping and re-finishing of tables, chairs, doors and kitchen and bedroom doors. We believe that we offer the highest standards around in kitchen door re-spraying. From collection, all furniture is thoroughly degreased and prepared to receive new paint and lacquer. All furniture is sanded properly and any damage filled. Poor open joints are re-glued.

Choice of paint will be determined by what nature the existing finish is, to check compatibility and bond ability. Some paints lend better against moisture, others are better with chemical resistance, this will be highlighted during consultation.

All refinished furniture is checked for quality and packaged thoroughly to prevent transit damage. We have extensive colour ranges and can assist in colour schemes. There are also various finish types available from matt, satin, high gloss, distressed and metal based finishes. Samples can be produced to clients particular specifications.

Contact Tim on 0161 427 4021, 07780 672 256 or email

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